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For over three decades, Pinner Paving and Building Ltd. has been the unrivalled leader in crafting exquisite block paving and loose stone/gravel driveways in the picturesque location of Pinner. Our journey is a testament to our commitment to excellence, where quality meets innovation.

Embark on a visual journey through our testimonials page, showcasing our recent triumphs. Our work doesn't just create driveways; it crafts stories of satisfaction and delight. Let the eloquence of our satisfied customers guide you as they share their joyous experiences and newfound love for their driveways.

At Pinner Paving and Building Ltd., we take pride in being artisans of driveways, sculpting each one with precision and passion. Our extensive experience is the guiding force behind our commitment to delivering driveways of unparalleled quality. Our work's artistry is seen and felt as you explore the living testimonials etched into driveways across Harrow.

Dive into a realm of possibilities as we offer extensive choices, ensuring your driveway is a personalised masterpiece. Collaborating with a diverse cadre of esteemed UK suppliers, we curate high-quality and durable materials like resin driveway and concrete. We don't just build driveways; we weave dreams that withstand the test of time, ensuring you revel in the charm of your driveway for countless years.

What sets us apart is our dedication to excellence and the promise of longevity. Pinner Paving and Building Ltd. proudly stands as the sole driveway company in Harrow, offering a remarkable 10-year guarantee on all driveways. Whether you opt for the rustic allure of a loose stone/gravel driveway or the contemporary elegance of a block paving driveway, rest assured your investment is safeguarded for a decade.

Experience the evolution of driveways with Pinner Paving and Building Ltd. Let us transform your vision into a tangible reality, where every step is a testament to our passion for quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Your driveway journey begins with us – paving the way to a future of enduring elegance and satisfaction.


A Pinner driveway is a great addition to any home. Whether you choose a loose stone/gravel, block paving or resin driveway, we guarantee quality.


A beautiful patio is a fantastic addition to any garden, they can turn any garden in to a wonderful space for family and friends.

5 Year Guarantee

We are so sure you will be satisfied with our services that we are the only driveway company in the area to offer a 10-year guarantee on all of our services.

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